EMC Test Equipment – The Rental Advantage
In many types of industries and applications, the need for EMI test equipment and RFI immunity test equipment is infrequent. For those companies, taking advantage of the option to rent RF test equipment and EMC testing equipment allows them to cost effectively test within their own facility.

Latest in Technology, Conveniently Located in the Midwest
The need for EMC test system rentals is in high demand, now more than ever. This equipment is often large and shipping costs become material.  Our facility, located outside Chicago, is not that far from anyplace in the U.S.A or Canada. With changing materials technology driving constantly changing standards in the EMI test equipment market, your EMC test systems, whether an ESD simulator, EFT generator, or a piece of surge immunity test equipment, can become obsolete before people see a return on their investment. By opting to rent your EMC test equipment, you will always have compliance to the latest standards, ranging from automotive EMC test to military EMC testing devices. The equipment is calibrated, usually by an accredited lab, and ready to be used for your testing needs.

Benefits to Your Business
Whether you need an EFT generator and ESD gun rental or a full scope of conducted RF test equipment, Transient Specialists, Inc. carries it. Our inventory includes the most reputable manufacturers in the business such as Thermo Keytek, EM Test and Solar Electronics, as well as the top Teseq EMC test systems including the Teseq NSG 3040 and Teseq NSG 3060.

Rental fees don’t begin until the equipment has been delivered to your door, and are terminated once they leave your facility, assuming 2-day transit times. The rental fees on our EMI test equipment, such as ESD test equipment, surge immunity test equipment, and conducted RF immunity test equipment may be used as a tax write-off for your business.

The next time your business requires EMC test equipment, contact our specialists at Transient Specialists, Inc. We can discuss your needs and help you determine the right device to handle your testing requirements. Give us a call today at 1-866-364-7368 to get started.